The Studio!

Our final round of b-roll footage took us to Caleb's studio where the magic happens. We got to create a few setups ourselves and take some control over our environment to light the scene the way I imagined for a while. In documentary filmmaking, controling one's environment and staging shots is usually challenging and in some cases, impossible. You don't need scenes and environments like this to craft a strong and compelling documentary but when you do have the opportunity to take control, it can greatly enhance the film's value.

Something I wanted to do in preparation for this shoot was have Caleb actually draw/paint a piece and when he was finished later, he could send me a scan of the finished project. When I proposed the idea to him, he suggested both and me being the lucky filmmaker I found myself to be, took him up on the offer. The challenge was finding a way to have time for drawing the reference sketch and then setting up the easel for the painting and have plenty of time to get those shots as well.

I owe the success of that one to Caleb yet again for coming up with easy and quick solutions to time everything right so while I was setting up for the next set ups, he was preparing his space for future shots. All the while being aware of material I needed and being willing to change body actions to what worked for the shot. If there are any artists out there, you probably know how strange it is to raise an elbow or change your facial expression from what you normally do. Yet, Caleb was a great collaborator and always willing to help me get the best material.

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