A New Documentary!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

We've recently started a new short documentary focused on a talented artist Caleb Ceran. This man is a creative genius and he's self-taught. He's also got an incredible story that might just have you thinking differently about what art could really do. From our early talks I knew his story needed telling and not like it had been done before. This needed a fresh approach that was candid but expressive in nature.

The first day of shooting comprised on filming shots of Caleb teaching his art class at Rockwell Charter High School in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Huge shoutout to Rockwell for being gracious enough to let us shoot at the school.

So far it's been fascinating collaborating with Caleb and hear his insights into why he does what he does. He's been great to work with so far and has offered suggestions on additional footage I didn't think of before that we could get and further explore other areas to the story. He also had some great ideas as to how we might stage the interview and what some potential backgrounds could be. His family has also been extremely patient with me and the crew to take up much of Caleb's time.

Obviously during these trying times, filming b-roll in a public setting is challenging during this pandemic but we followed protocols and kept our distance from everyone. Still, everyone wearing masks has forced me to think of a little more creative options for getting the shots we need. Overall, it was a great success and a wonderful start to this project.

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