The Long Interview

After a successful B-Roll shoot, we completed the interview with Caleb and boy was it long! We talked for along time about his story and his art and I wouldn't have traded one minute of it for anything. Due to a fantastic subject and a great camera operator/production assistant (huge shout out to Jared Dann) we set up and accomplished much very quickly. Having an extra pair of hands on set made playing with lighting much easier and ultimately improved the quality of the interview shots.

An interesting dilemma happened on set when some natural sunlight peaked through some closed blinds more intensely and changed the lighting of our background. Both Jared and Caleb solved the problem quickly by draping some black curtains over the window and controlling the light spill while I swapped out batteries. We were able to complete the long interview within the time frame we planned for and got more than enough material to construct a thorough story.

We've also enlisted the help of the talented Gabriela Sundquist to help with copy help with the interview transcript to make finding the focused narrative that much easier. This will inform the next B-Roll shoot coming up soon. Already I can tell though is it's not going to be an easy task assembling the right soundbites since there is just so much good material to work with. Even during the interview it was apparent that a longer form documentary could probably be made with this much material. Therefore, it might be appropriate to expect a longer cut early next year if it's deemed necessary.

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