This past week marked the birth of the first rough cut that was at least presentable to a group of audiences for some preliminary feedback. The limited audience screening revealed some suspicions I had that weren't working with the first cut and the criticisms ultimately opened some possibilities of improvement. More on that later.

I had written an initial script based on the transcript of the story and I wrote down key soundbites, summarized them, and put them on note cards to get a sense for how the story would flow restructuring everything different soundbites. This is a strategy I've used before while writing other screenplays to refine the story. This was helpful to see how the composition of soundbites could change the impact of certain moments that either needed more punch or less.

This was the tool needed to slightly restructure things clearly after watching the film several times myself, taking meticulous notes, and listening to some feedback from others. There were some moments of "breathing" that needed to happen so with some restructuring and eliminating a few soundbites, more emotional power was given to some important moments to get the pacing and flow of the film better. Now it's a much better film than it was a week ago and that trend will continue until it's completed.

The film still feels rough since b-roll doesn't still feel right and the close cuts aren't quite there. Of course coloring, sound editing and sound mixing still needs to happen but getting the story flow right is one of the most time consuming parts of post-production. Once that gets finished, everything else tends to fall into place much smoother.

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