Into the Edit

After several rounds of b-roll and filming the primary interview, it was time to send everything into the edit to begin crafting the film and piecing things together. After organizing and backing up all the footage to back up drives (always a recommendation), I started to cut up the A-Roll and piece the basic story arc together through soundbites from the interview. Before that could happen however, I needed a roadmap that would streamline my editing process and make the post-production workflow time-efficient. That roadmap was a good and readable transcript.

Sifting through hours upon hours of interview footage would be possible if I had all the time in the world. Since I live in reality however, I needed a method to get that roadmap as soon as possible so I could visualize the basic structure of the story with the written word. After using a software to transcribe for me, I had roughly 15 page document of everything I needed. The only problem was the readability. The software had a difficult time processing every word correctly and from reading just the first 2 pages, I realized the transcript was not workable. After I considered taking a week to edit the transcript itself, I decided to contract a talented copywriter to listen to the interview and edit the transcript for me. Huge shoutout to Gaby for editing that roadmap so quickly and professionally. Hiring Gaby was a reminder that many jobs come up in production that require more specialized skills and even if they don't, making a film all by yourself is a heavy undertaking.

It's okay to get help. It's a good thing. It's a healthy thing. Collaborating with others makes doing other jobs more possible and it allows new elements to the project and otherwise wouldn't be there. Since I could have a clear roadmap, finding the story arc was relatively quick and painless. Then it was just a matter of finding the right material and popping the clips into the timeline. When you can, get help and make life easier. It's also worth it to practice trust and inclusion into your project.

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